Small 2 Piece Grinder

This small 2-piece grinder by Santa Cruz Shredder is a combination of quality and efficiency. The perfect "on-the-go" grinder with its .75" in height and 1.75" diameter, it will esily fit your pocket. Santa Cruz Shredders are crafted from a single piece of high grade CNC aluminum in the USA. It is also went through a protective coating called "anodizing" ensures that its scratch resistant. This square teeth grinder runs no risk of aluminum or other unhealthy debris in your smoking blend, and is very durable and consistent.

  • Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder
  • 1.75" Diameter
  • 2 Piece Grinder
  • Anodized Finish
  • Available In Your Choice Of Color
  • CNC Machined Threads
  • High Quality Aluminum
  • Made In The USA!
  • Square Shaped Teeth

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