Black Pilot Vaporizer Starter Kit

Coming off as a classier looking device, Randy's Pilot Vaporizer boasts a well-branded style. This vaporizer is both stylish and efficient, using state of the art technology to achieve an 840 Degree maximum temperature. In a mere 4 seconds, the Pilot Vaporizer reaches a temperature of 480

Degree. It's a mobile-friendly piece that possesses amazing function. Built into this vape is a no-splash ceramic dish, which facilitates the placement of concentrates onto the heating element. Furthering its usability, a number of accessories are included with this handheld vaporizer: the removable glass mouthpiece and open glass dab attachment are two central features. Use the mouthpiece for a vape pen experience, putting your concentrate into the pen and placing the mouthpiece over it. Inhale through the mouthpiece after heating it for a couple seconds. On the other hand, you can use the open glass dab attachment for a more rig-like experience. Instead of initially placing your concentrate within the pen, first put on this dab attachment. The attachment has protective glass surrounding the heating element. Using the dab tool (also included), take a glob of your concentrate and touch it directly onto the pen's heating element; inhale through the mouthpiece at the end of the curved neck. You can even turn the dab tool over to use as a carb cap. The dual use of this piece makes the Randy's Pilot Vaporizer quite the clever device.

Height: 4.75"
Diameter: 0.75"

  • Randy's Concentrate Vaporizer
  • 1500 MAh Battery
  • 840 Degree Maximum Temperature
  • Includes Dab Tool W/ Carb Cap
  • Includes USB Charger
  • Instructional Manual Included
  • No-Splash Ceramic Chamber
  • Open Glass Dab Attachment
  • Pocket-Sized
  • Randy's Black Pilot Vaporizer Starter Kit
  • Reaches 480 Degrees In 4 Seconds
  • Short Glass Mouthpiece
  • Used W/ Concentrate
  • Removable Mouthpiece
  • Vape Kit

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