Large Doob Tube - 6"

A truly nifty accessory, the Doob Tube securely stores pre-rolled herbs within its 5.5" long capsule. As opposed to the smaller 4" Doob Tube, this particular model is considered the large size. However, it still maintains its portability and discreetness. Its slip-on cap provides an air tight seal, canceling out any smell emanating from within. In fact, the cap is so effective that it also creates a moisture resistant seal. The Large Doob Tube is made out of polycarbonate plastic, rendering it a more enduring container. Colors are chosen at random.
  • Doob Tube Container
  • Holds Pre-Rolled Herbs
  • Large Doob Tube
  • Made Of Polycarbonite Plastic
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Pocket Sized 6" Length
  • Smell Proof And Air Tight

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