15" Double Honeycomb Perc to 9-Arm Tree Perc Water Pipe

This tall water pipe features dual honeycomb percolators as well as a 9-arm reinforced tree percolator. This glass pipe features a built-in splash guard that prevents water from leaving the pipe and entering your mouth. The dual honeycomb percs combined with the tree perc makes for excellent diffusion and filtration with stacking bubbles. This pipe is crafted from heavy clear glass and features a standard 18mm female joint. Available with blue or green accents. Select the appropriate option above to use this glass water pipe for legal oils and concentrates, dry herbs and tobacco, or both.

Joint Size: 18mm female
Height: 15 inches
  • 5" Base
  • 9-Arm Tree Percolator
  • 90° Fixed Downstem
  • Double Honeycomb Percolator
  • Glass Water Pipe
  • Green/Blue Lip Wrapped Base And Mouthpiece
  • Thick Glass
  • Clear Glass
  • 90° Joint
  • Female Joint
  • 18mm Joint
  • Flared Mouthpiece
  • Honeycomb Perc
  • Tree Perc
  • Thick Glass

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