One hitter and Wooden Dugouts | Wood, Metal, Plastic-Smoking Pipes

One Hitter Wooden Dugouts

A dugout system is an all-in-one container that offers everything you need for a quick and easy smoke. Many prefer the one hitter dugouts since it is small, compact, and extremely convenient. With one chamber to stash your tobacco and another to hold your dugout pipe, one hitter dugouts are essential for an on-the-go lifestyle. Dugouts have the added innovative features that make them a pleasure to own . Most come spring loaded and locked in your tobacco with a nifty swivel top that opens with a light touch. Others are puzzle boxes that require a sequence of twists and pulls to open the dugout.

At Chill Waze, we offer one hitter dugouts that are made from high quality wood, for a reliable piece that will last. Available in different sizes, finishes, and designs, you will be sure to find the perfect dugout to suit your everyday smoking needs. Be sure to check out our dugout one hitters with live bark on the edges! These are a top seller for Chill Waze and a great conversation piece to add to your collection. At Chill Waze we choose wood dugouts because they are eco friendly and biodegradable. Our dugouts pipes are made with two types of materials; aluminum metal and ceramic. Depending on your dugout materials may vary.

When it comes to smoking in public, dugouts offer subtlety and convenience. Wood Dugouts are also extremely popular due to their level of easiness to use. Just pack, light, smoke, and repeat. It doesn't get much easier than that. Many people disprove smoking in public. A dugout pipe will cure all shade people with throw your way. Just load the bat with your choice of tobacco and smoke like usual. People will think you are smoking a regular cigarette and never second guess what you are actually smoking. Dugouts differ in variety of sizes and styles so that you can find the perfect dugout that suits your smoking needs perfectly.

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