Affordable Glass Tobacco Pipes

Here at Chill Waze we have an monstrous selection of pipes. You can choose from hand pipes, spoons, bubblers, or novelty pipes in a range of materials. Our premium quality glass pipes are sure to please the discerning connoisseur but for those looking for inexpensive pipes to get you started, you’ll find styles and prices to suit every smoker. With fast delivery options across our entire range and a Price Match Guarantee to ensure you pay the best possible price, Chill Waze It is the only headshop you need.

We have a amazing collection of smoking pipes for sale right here in the U.S. of A. We stock all premium glass pipes for you so they can shipped out as soon as your order is placed. We also carry the following items:


Bubblers are a small version of what pipes and typically a mix between water pipes & glass tobacco pipes. They are portable like smoking pipes due to their smaller size. They do also have the advantage of water filtration and a pocket size friendly price. Our dedicated staff has spent numerous hours searching and collecting the best glass bubblers on the planet.


Here at Chill Waze, we have a unique collections of glass pipes for sale In the United States of America. If you are a smoker and want to match your glass pipe designs to suit your personality, we are here to help you with our massive range of beautiful handmade glass pipes. Beautiful tobacco glass pipes can be a good way to give you a unique style statement with no wonder.


A Sherlock pipe is a glass pipe with U Curve at bottom or in its stem. This design replicates the shape of a saxophone. The name of the pipe comes from the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, who used to smoke a similarly fashioned vintage smoking pipe.


Aa spoon pipes design looks like a common table spoon. Spoon pipes come in a wide range of beautifully designed colours and sizes. Choose your favorite one today from our popular collection


A Dugouts pipe is also known as one hitter, commonly shaped as a container that has two parts: One hitter and storage system. If you are looking for a discrete storage product for your cigarette and rolled tobacco, then no one can fulfill your need other than a dugout


A chillum is most popular form of pipe made from glass. It’s a straight pipe that is ment for on the go convenience. We have great collection of chillum pipe for sale, available in different material, colours, designs and sizes.

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