Dugout One Hitter

Pack light, is not only a common term for travellers but can also be true and very useful to our day to day routine. It makes movement more comfortable and swift, without worrying of leaving other essentials at home. It simply means, we should learn how to have a little bit of everything without the hassle of bringing a lot. A little confusing? Let us define it the herb lover’s way with the idea of a Dugout Pipe.

A Dugout Pipe is a compact device similar to your cigarette pack but thinner. This is your all in one tool perfect for any on-the-go smoking session. And take note, all of which can easily fit your pocket. It has a smell proof lock consisting of two chambers. First, is your herb compartment. This takes the larger space in this box and here is where you fill your non-drugs. Just make sure that they are all nice and grinded to ensure smoother burns. Second, is where you place your taster or so we call the one hitter. One may wonder how tricky it will be to pull this stick from these dugout container, but the good news is, you don’t have to. This section for the one hitter has a spring effect on the bottom. It slightly pops the stick out once the dugout pipe is opened. And as readily and convenient as that, take the one hitter out and jam it in the herb compartment. Once the bowl on the tip is filled, dig it out then light it up. As the name goes, take it all in one hit.

These One Hitter and Dugout are made so elegant and timeless, suited for any quick solo or shared smoke. They actually come in different materials like plastic but the most popular are the Wooden Dugouts. They are meticulously handcrafted to perfection and are carved from different woods thus producing a variety of natural texture and color. Some of them comes with a glass pipe while others are with metallic cigarettes. Elevate Accessories Dugouts is probably one of the most popular Wood Dugout in the market. You can choose from Black Walnut or Hard Maple wood, and it also comes with a see-through glass one hitter. With its magnetized lid lock cover that snaps close, you are assured that your stuff are all well secured. It can be lightweight, but is really, really strong.

Chillwaze comes with a wide selection of these items. We have an assortment of wood dugouts, hitter pipes, and hitter dugouts all in different sizes and design.If you are that type of a person who wants his things ready in minimal then this is just the thing for you. Other people will not even notice it immediately since it will appear that you are just holding a cigarette. But then it’s quite a different story when they see you lighting it again and again. Anyway, shop away amazing items from our online collection and reward yourselves with these uniquely designed dugouts pipes.

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