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There is a long list of apparatus to choose from in smoking your herb. Whether you are traditional or experimental, all wants to have that smooth and exquisite smoking session. The best way to ensure this is by keeping your herbs fresh and by preparing them right.

The potency and taste of your buds are maximized if they get even burns. Here, herb grinders plays a significant role. Grinders for herb prepares your buds in the most efficient and convenient way. You can simply open this container, place your herb in and twist. Shred it to satisfaction. Just like that you’ll get a refined texture. We are no longer living in the stone-age, though getting stoned is what you are aiming, getting your fingers all sticky is really not a good idea. By doing so, the Trichomes (small hair on the surface of the buds) are mostly wasted, compared to having your buds in a closed herb grinder compartment. So from here, you can say that you are starting to lose that savory freshness. Grinders for herb, not only prepare these herbs to perfection, they also allow you to conserve every bit of them to the fullest. Furthermore, shredding your bud on these aids in the smoking process. Well grinned herbs gives consistency to your smoke as its ground particles can be well packed and distributed evenly throughout the bowl or joint. It will keep one side from burning down faster than the other side, which can be very annoying, causing it to be lumpy and have you wasting your good stash.

What is the best grinder for your herb? There are multiple factors to consider, like their functionality, aesthetic structure or most importantly how much are you consuming. Chillwaze has a vast variety for you to choose from. We have recognized wood herb grinders like Ryot Herb Grinder and Marley Natural Wood Grinders, the plastic grinders for herbs like the Herb Saver and Master Ball Herb Grinder. We also have the best of the best grinder made from metal like Grav, Santa Cruz, Space Case and many more. It comes in various colors and three sizes depending on your amount of consumption. They can also be identified with their number of chambers, from 2-piece, 3-piece, 4-piece to 5-piece herb grinder. This multiple compartment allows you to better sift your herbs. Probably one of the best grinder for herbs offered in the market is this Jamaican-inspired Marley Natural Wood Grinder. It has a see through section that is a heat resistant hand-blown glass, letting you view how much of those goodies you still have. This wood grinder is all about function with a touch of elegance and beauty.

We provide you products that are manufactured with the highest quality and made from the finest material. Simply the best grinders for herbs of your choice. So why settle for less? Make yourself a favor and allow yourself to bring out the most of your bud’s perfectly-grinned delicious flavor.