It is always good  to invest in getting the best vaporizer that will suit your preferences. Be it a handheld or a desktop vaporizer, its functionality determines the quality of the vapor that you are taking in. It is best to choose the one that will cook your herb to the taste that will give you such optimal vaping sensation that you desire. And to make sure that you get this consistently, we need to keep our vapes conditioned. Here proper maintenance gets in, cleaning is one way of prolonging its effectivity. But due to constant usage, it can’t be avoided that at some it will degrade or perhaps you will get bored with it.

Some realized that even after thoroughly cleaning their vapes, the vapor that it is giving is no longer as tasty as it was before. Or perhaps it’s just you and you just want to explore a different hype. Chillwaze has a vast collection of vape pens and desktop vaporizer and we tell you, as much as we want you to get our new stuff and upgrade, replacing your old with a new one is not always the solution. Thus, we give you this page for Vaping Accessories, that will pimp your vapes and give it that brand new feels.

If your vape is no longer heating like it used to, it will definitely affect how your dry herbs and concentrates cook. Moreover it will definitely affect how your vapor tastes. You may higher the temperature as you go on or purchase a replacement atomizer. The coil may also affect the flavor of your vape, that we have available that comes in a very cheap price. Chillwaze offers a replacement coil for pilot vaporizers and you vape will taste exactly the way it was when you first tried it, smooth flavorful hits! We also have the Helix Vape Pen Adapter Kit, this is just one of the many other add ons that you can use to boost your smoking session.


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