Have you tried waking up in the middle of the night looking for food only to find out there’s nothing on your fridge except for this pizza from the other night slightly covered with molds and definitely nothing edible on your kitchen cabinets? Well, we will not be talking about food, but the concept behind that thought is very relevant if you are an herb lover who knows how to keep their stash and making sure to never ran out.

 Just like any food, the way you store your herb affects the its longevity and of course its quality. The things to consider? Light, humidity, moisture and exposure. These factor greatly contribute to the taste of your herbs in the latter. It is necessary that they are kept in airtight containers to lock in its flavor or you’ll end up smoking cottons. TightVacs containers have all the required elements for an ideal herb storage. Quite perfect for stash that are meant to be hidden. It has an easy push button that locks out air preserving your herbs freshness.

Aside from these, we also have CVault Storage that are is from stainless steel with  thick silicone ring used for an airtight seal . They come in different sizes having three latches to keep it secure and humidity-regulating, that locks out excess moisture. Another simple yet innovative storage system is the Evak Airtight Stash Jar. It is entirely made of clear glass, making it easy to see stash content. What makes it unique is the rubberized top that you insert pushing air out as you push it all the way down. Herbs easily dries out, losing its flavor when exposed to air and this baby right here is all about keeping that from happening.)

Given that you now have your stash holder, you may wanna think where you can leave it, like a treasure. Aside from the convenience of having all your tools in one place, others see it as safe, keeping it away from the reach of children and most importantly for privacy. You can have such containers from brands like StashLogix and many more. Now, stash storage is really easy as long as you have great tools for it. Some may be a little costly but it is definitely worth it, given that you can relish your herbs flavor anytime at its finest.


Stash Boxes

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