We all know the fact that our dried herbs are sticky in nature. Picking it up with our bare hand or fingers is really not a good idea. There is sanitary reason behind it, as we may directly transfer the dirt/bacteria from our hand to our stash and have it contaminated.

This is very serious because we are going to have it inhaled to our lungs. Aside from that, you will have bits stuck on your fingers that will be hard to remove. So you will just end up washing it out, wasting your herb. Now we don't want that, thus Chill Waze presents to you, these Roach Clips.

They are made to give us convenience in picking up our herbs and putting them in the right place. These are very easy to manipulate as the these clips clams your herb to your desirable amount and keeps it in-place until you decide to have it elsewhere. So you just clip it open and its spring will hold it down until you clip it out. One of our best sellers are these wooden Roach clips. The Natural Wood Tree Branch Roach Clip come with unique pieces as no wood piece is completely identical. It is 4-inch in length and .24-inch in width. They are very handy, you can take it wherever you go. 

Chill Waze aims to bring convenience to your smoking lifestyle. And these roach clips is a must to your collection. Pick your buds and have them in your grinder without having the need to wash your hands or touching your bongs with your sticky fingers making it all dirty. This will save you a lot of job and time in cleaning the traces you made with your muggy finger tips. By all means, lets choose healthy and convenient smoking. Get yourselves one of these!


Roach Clips

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