The Chill Waze hand pipe collection has everything you're looking for when it comes to classic pipes, themed glass pipes, sherlocks, steamrollers, and even hand pipes that has water filtration, commonly known as bubblers. These pipes are associated with on-the-go smoking because they are light in nature and is smaller than your bongs making them very portable. But don't get it wrong, these pipes are universal. Even stay-in herb lovers find comfort to just lit that pipe and move around the house, or watching TV and just wants to get the comfort of it and chill like that. It's nice and easy.

They also come in various shapes and sizes. The most common are spoon pipes, as the name goes they resemble spoons, deep, fat, round spoon that is to give you that mouthful delicious hit. They are presented in a variety of colors, designs and they even have themes. These themed hand pipes are called novelty pipes, surely you will agree ones you see them. They are perfect for collectors! For instance if you are a sea lover, someone who's crazy over avocados, elephant lovers or if you love sweets, Chill Waze has a vast variety of all these novelty hand pipes that will surely fit your interest. One of our best seller is the Gandalf pipe. Im sure, Harry Potter fans would know how it looks like.  Nonetheless, to those who believes that less is more, we have scientific and pipes for you too that are engineered to perfection. We have clear glass pipes and colored glass pipes that are crafted intricately by known artist and brands like Gravlabs, Chameleon Glass, Empire Glassworks and many many more. 

Whatever you choose to pick, rest assured that hand pipes Chill Waze offers  are made of high graded materials. If handled with care, these should last a lifetime. It will not only attract the young audience but even those young at heart smokers, for we offer sleek, classical pieces. They will satisfy your smoking experience, and even your soul.



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