As much as using your household items for grinding and vaping and weeding appear to be economically wise and practical, let’s just admit that it only does the job but does not outperform very well.

Thanks to the geniuses who continue to invent and cater us with weedtastic products that not only serves its ultimate purpose but also keep up to trend with the continous change in technology, we can now purchase tools that are highly efficient and worth our money.

The E-Nails or the Electronic Nails is on top of the line. It is and has remained to be the creme of the crop in the dabbing menu. Mainly used for cannabis concentrates, the E-nails or Electronic Nails are specially made for dabbing, and when we say “specially made” we mean it to be the best there is in the market. Unlike to conventional house knives and torches, the Electronic Nail or E-Nail, provide accuracy, consistency and precision when it comes to vaporization and temperature ( if these two doesn’t seem important, let me remind you that the perfect temperature equates to great flavor and fresh tasting hits and consistent vaporization means being able to maximize your concentrate. Impressive, right?). These E Nail also does not let you worry about not having enough butane or worse running out of it at the middle of your sesh, as long as it is plugged or charged, you’re all set. E-Nails allow you to multi task, set up the temperature and while waiting, you could do other things. The e-nail can also maintain the temperature you set, meaning you won’t need to shut it off for fear of over heating nor do you need to reset it again just to get the previous temperature. Electronic Nails or Enails may come off expensive compared to its traditional counterparts, but being on top of its line, you are assured of the quality you’ll be getting out of your money. Like other Electronic tools, ENails do come in variety, you may want to check each of them out to see which products best fit your lifestyle and which product you feel like would give you the best out of your purchase.



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