For the past years, Vaporizers or Vaping has been popular not only to herb smokers but to the entire smoking community (the tobacco community) as it is dubbed to be the “safer and healthier way of smoking” minimizing the passing of “third hand smoke” and saving you from the top to toe scrutiny of non-smoking people around you. Vaporizers allows you to inhale pure vape, maximizing your herb or oil.

Due to popular demand, a wide variety of Vaporizers are now available in the market made specifically to fit your lifestyle, your taste and most of all your budget; from Desktop Vaporizers to Portable or Hand-held Vaporizers.

So what are Desktop Vaporizers?

Desktop Vaporizers also known as Table Top Vaporizers are not as handy as Portable or Hand Held Vaporizers but they prove to be more sturdy and lasts longer than hand held vaporizers. Desktop Vaporizers are specifically designed for those who like to take their time, to share long sessions with friends or company (sessions with more than just a few draws per person, or for medicating purposes.) For sharing with a group, Balloon type Desktop Vaporizer would be the best choice for you, just like our very own Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer and Arizer Extreme Q- Vaporizer. Both the Arizer V- Tower Vaporizer and the Arizer Extreme Q-Vaporizer are very easy to pass around, large enough to serve groups and are basically fool proof when in use.

Most, if not all, Desktop or table top Vaporizers come with big bowls that allows you to fill up twice, thrice or even more than you could with a Hand Held or Portable Vaporizer. This saves you time and energy. Desktop Vaporizers like our Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer and Arizer Extreme Q- Vaporizer comes with high quality Glass Cyclone Bowls, allowing you to fill it up more than you could with your handy dandy vape. Table Top or Desktop Vaporizers also have amazing temperature control which you can set up from  122 °F to 500 °F (50 °C - 260 °C)just like our Arizer Extreme Q-Vaporizer and Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer. Why does this matter? Because temperature and convection is everything when it comes to getting the full benefit from our precious herb and oils. Plus, Our Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer comes with an automatic shut off feature which allows you to set and forget as it will automatically shut down at a user defined time.

Portable or Hand Held Vapes are well, handy. But it limits your vaping style or your inhalation methods. Unlike with Desktop or Table Top Vaporizer like our Arizer Extreme Q- Vaporizer which allows you several ways of inhalation. It is Multi-functional with features like Direct Draw via Whip, Forced Air Assisted Whip and Forced Air Balloon Delivery. 


Desktop Vaporizers