Surely everyone is familiar with the term debone. It is removing bones from meat, poultry or fish. Using the same concept, what does a debowler do? Well, it is not related to food, but somewhat yes in cooking, cooking your herb that is. Ha! It’s not that rocket science but whoever invented this, is a genius. Actually, Debowler itself is a company from Reno, Nevada and they focus on specific manufacturing this magnificent smoking paraphernalia.

To answer the little trivia from earlier, a debowler is an ashtray that aims to clears pipe’s bowl, whether it be from water pipes or dry pipes. What makes this baby extra special is the innovation they applied to this simple bowl. This ashtray has a built-in poker. Yes, you heard it right! You can tap out the loose ash from your bowels after or in between session but those sticky residues will not go down easily unless it is poked out. Cleaning through your bowl while keeping it from falling on your table or floor can be a struggle. But with this on your hand, you can definitely clear your bowl in a split of seconds. Hold your bowl face down towards the needle of your debowler rotate it once or twice and just like that, no more clogged bowl.

This tool serves two objectives, empty your bowl and most definitely save your time from cleaning fallen ashes. Talk about efficiency and convenience. Definitely, a must have for those who are starting to explore and especially veteran smokers. Debowlers come in plastic but the glass version is more popular because you can ash hot burning embers on it. Another fascinating thing about it is the removable glass spike. This glass piece is already durable itself, and this replaceable glass spike is such a great addition to its feature.

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