We normally see herb lovers pick their flowers with their bare hands, but with your sticky concentrates?  That is entirely a different story. Imagine it all tacky all over your fingertips. You'll end up putting all those goodies to waste. Good thing Dabbers, are up to our rescue. These babies are just perfectly made to scoop an adequate amount of your concentrates and put it on your heating element. Imagine how difficult it would be to keep your fingers from hitting that burning hot nail.

Aside from all these convenience that Dabbers are bringing, the very reason why you should be using one -is for sanitary purposes. One can only imagine all the bacteria we have on our hands. We will end up spreading them all over your concentrates and later smoke it into our lungs. Now, that is very dangerous. Aside from that, handling your concentrates with no Dabber will at the same time transfers your skin-oils onto it. Our skin-oils can degrade the chemical compound found on your concentrates. And of course, that is the last thing we want to happen. Definitely, dabbers tiny as they are, they play a very very huge role in our smoking journey. So rather use one than regret later.

Chill Waze is with you all the way with our up to date selection, picked from highly recognized manufacturers and creators. We have dabbers made of steel, of glass, to elegant, traditional and even themed ones. Definitely an eye candy to next to your smoking paraphernalia. You can even pair it up to your favorite rig, bubbler or your other items. Just check this Dichroic Dish and Dabber Set by Empire Glassworks. Look at the worked glass details, how different colors come in unison making it jaw-dropping. Take note, this is just one of the many functional and artistic tools that we have for grabs. The Dabbers we have are so meticulously designed, you won't even want to use it because it’s just so beautiful. You don't believe me? Scroll down, click away and see for yourself.