Glass bowls play an essential purpose in every water pipe. Here is where you place your herb and here is where it gets cooked. The durability of this accessory is really essential because of the direct heat that it is getting. This makes it very vulnerable among other bong parts. Getting the right glass bowl is just as important as picking the right waterpipe.

Good news is, with Chill Waze, we have the durability part covered. Any glass bowl you pick from our page is fully functional and efficient to use, just choose which is visually appealing to you. Another thing to consider is the gender of your bong. Make sure to pick a bowl with the opposite gender to make sure it fits perfectly. As you scroll through our items, each product has an easy description so you will know if it is a 10mm, 14mm or 18mm bowl.

Upgrade your style with our Chillwaze Bowl collection. We have clear glass bowls perfect for your scientific glass bongs, all from trusted brands. Aside from these, we also have a stunning selection of worked-glass pieces that come in different colors and themes. These are outstanding pieces that are made of thick glass and quite noticeable for their state of the art glass blowing technique. Aside from our bowls, we also have a great selection of other accessories that will surely elevate your smoking experience.