Looking for the best way to toke up? Bongs are one of the most popular ways of smoking. Through the years, the materials and design used to make them have evolved so much. These smoking accessories are more functional due to the rise of dabs and concentrates. Despite all these changes the very concept and purpose of a water pipe remain the same.

Bongs not only give filtered and smooth hits but also cooled smoke that makes it easy to inhale. From bamboos to ceramic and later as glass, glass water pipes remains most used because they are long lasting, provide great filtration and most of all easy to clean. Straight Tubes and beaker base water pipes are traditional yet very versatile. There are those that you can separate and accessorize. For example, some water pipes have removable downstem, this allows you to add a dabbing nail or other accessories. And what's even better? To literally have cooler hits some of them even has ice catchers. Yes, that is right, ice. This allows you to put in ice on your bong's neck. And surely you can imagine what it does to the smoke just before you take it all in.

We also have Recyclers. A stunning masterpiece not only by sight but with how they are intellectually designed to allow your smoke to be filtered on your water twice or more before you inhale it. You'll be fascinated with how your smoke travels from one chamber and back to the other cooling it and giving you smoother hits. Well aside from that, they will surely look quite impressive on your table too.

Chill Waze is reputable for producing top-tier items from well-trusted brands like Empire Glassworks, Grav Labs, Pulse and many, many more. All of these at very reasonable prices as they come directly from creators and suppliers themselves. And because we want to give you the best, we continuously expand our collection to provide you with new innovative creations and designs perfect for your preferences. We have every shape and size from 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm joint sizes, either male or female, and of different sizes and glass thickness, we got it all for you. We have scientific glass water pipes, themed bongs and even those with percolators (percs) that forces the smoke through tiny holes underwater allowing it to cool it off easily before you inhale it in. Just about everything you need.

Our webpage has an easy filter option on the left pane allowing you choose items with the color of your choice or pattern selection. You can even option on a ready dropdown list to get our best selling or newly released products for a more convenient selection. All made easy and accessible by Chill Waze. What are you waiting for? Scroll down and shop away!