Tired of your old bong? Or perhaps the smoke is just too strong for you to handle? If that's the case, welcome to Chill Waze, you just came to the right place! Here, we have the best way to give you that extra filtration to your smoke and many more. Catchers work by initially attaching it to your water pipes regular bowl joint, aside from the fact that it add beauty to your glass piece, it also gives that additional layer of filtration just before your smoke gets to your waterpipe chamber. They come in different styles angled joints, joint sizes and many more.

Another advantage of having an ash catchers is the fact that it keeps your waterpipe from dirt. Yes, you got it right, this also means less cleaning with that extra level of purification of the smoke you enjoy. This is a low-maintenance accessory that protects your throat and lungs from harsh smoke. Just like your regular bong your catchers also has a bowl, chamber, a joint for attaching it to your water pipe, and either a percolator/diffuser. It can be identified i two ways: Plain Ash Catchers and Ash Catchers with Percolation/Diffuser.

The plain ash catcher has no percolation, it diretly sends smoke from the bowl to its chamber before it goes to the bong or dab rig. You can option in using water or not. An example to this is the “Gunbai” Honeycomb to Showerhead Ashcatcher. This will definitely steal your heart away with its sleek elegant design. It is made of thick glass that does not easily break in high temperature. They may not do that much cooling but if your bong has an ice catcher, then it will not matter at all. What’s important is they do well in catching the ash off your smoke. 

Catchers with Percolation/Diffuser are very attention grabber. They have so much details and great filtration mechanism, making them the most popular type of catchers. The 45 Degress 11-Arm Tree Perc Ashcatcher is one of our best sellers. Here, smoke is diffused through the water, like how it would be on a regular bong, before going through your water pipe. Do you may call it dual filtration. It cools your smoke and refines it from debris. You may say that a downside of this is the water splash that can come from the catcher’s water chamber to the bowl. But then you can always option on removing the water and just let the smoke diffuse through the small entries of the catcher. But then no water means the glass gets easily dirty and stained. But, yes, you can always clean it.

Upgrading your waterpipe does not necessary mean buying a new one, sometimes you just need to get some add on parts and surely you will get an entirely brand new experience! Aside from that catchers prolongs the life of your bong/ dab rig. How is that possible? Well they get to receive the direct heat from your lighters and torches while keeping cool on your attachment joints. Replacing your catchers would be more practical than getting an entirely new waterpipe. Looking at our collection, I know that you absolutely agree with this. They speak for themselves no emphasis needed, so click away and pleasure yourselves!



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