It's human nature to explore new stuff and try out new things. Imagine having your favorite bong that you can accessorize for different functionality. Yes, you got that right! You do not need to replace the entire thing, you just need to buy an accessory to change its extension and surely it will entirely feel brand new. You can switch your regular bong to a dag rig and more. And to make all this possible all you need is a bong adapter.

Adapters are used to attach your smoking devices with other glass items that are not compatible. For example, you have your Bong and a different glass piece, let’s say a glass nail. But they just won’t fit or lock onto each other. Here, an adapter plays a huge role. It serves as an extender making ends meet. It may sound a little confusing but before you level up your pipes you must first be familiar with the gender of your pipe. It can be classified as Male ( glass piece that is to be inserted) or Female ( the glass piece that will rest on top, unto a glass joint). So if you are having a Male Bong, then you will need a Female adapter and same as if you have a Female pipe, you will need the opposite gender accessory which is Male. This will lock your joint in one place, ensuring no smoke will leak.

For better smoking experience, the smoking industry also made glass joints in three common sizes. This is for different functionality and preference that each herb lover has. It can be determined as 10 mm (also known as micro or nano joint), 14.5 mm (Also called 14mm as a shortcut) and 18.8 mm (also called 18mm or 19mm as a round-off measurement, depending on where you are). Given this fact about glass pieces, adapters allow you to have a 10mm joint connected to another glass piece of different measurement. You can technically build up your own pipe, whether if you want your bowl to be closer or further, you have all that choice just right on your sleeves.

Adapters are made for customization, aiming to satisfy your preferences. Look at your glass pipe and check on Chill Waze Accessories List to upgrade your smoking lifestyle. No worries, surely we have just the adapter you need to make sure any glass accessory you choose will fit your current water pipe. Take note, all these come at a very low price. You don't need to spent a lot in buying an entirely new glass piece. Just get yourselves these top of line glass pieces that we have and bring out the best out of your old water pipe.


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