Why Buy an American Glass?

by Ruscel Tubo June 23, 2018

Why Buy an American Glass?

With China overtaking the manufacturing world of almost everything under the sun, it is difficult not to consider buying China glass. China Glass is way cheaper than American Glass but is it really worth the pennies you’ll be spending?

Let's take a look at a few points here, First, History. What does history have to do with this? Well, you see, glass making or in proper terms Glassblowing is considered an art in America and not just some livelihood program that factory workers endure every single day. Skills get better thru the years and were not forced for commercial profit purposes only, making American Glassblowers keen to details, intricacies, and durability.

Which then leads us to the second point which is Quality. American made glass is known for its high-quality standards achieved by technological advancement and again, years of honed and perfected skills. There are lots to take into consideration when it comes to quality; Durability, Style, Fuming, Annealing, Drilled or Pushed and health risks. These are often, if not most of the time, overlooked deliberately by manufacturers abroad. Would you like your glass to suddenly crack or be a glass with paint that contains petrochemicals that are not really compatible with lighters and stuff, rather than an authentic glass color? One thing’s for sure, they do not care about your welfare nor of your health, they only exist to quench consumers’ thirst and their own thirst for profit.

Then comes the effect of importing products to the price hike, while it may sound ironic, but the risk for this to happen is high. Since most consumers resort to "practical" choice, local American manufacturers produce less with higher overhead cost creating a domino effect to the products' suggested retail price, making it more expensive; isn't it better to spend your money on your country and contribute to your country's economy rather than patronizing other nation's products? This practice of patronizing these imported mega factories also contributes to the ever-growing environmental problem, causing further damage to nature and also reinforcing forced labor. Doesn't really sound good eh?

As the saying goes, Cheap things are never good and Good things are never cheap, is it really "practical and wise" to purchase cheap, knock off, low-quality glass that wouldn't last?

How many glass pipes or glass smoking apparatus would you have to buy and throw away just because you thought it was wise to buy cheap rather than invest big?

Buying glass pieces is a personal choice, it should be on your personal preference based on your lifestyle, but this does not mean that you should not consider the points discussed above. Weigh on it and think about it. Would you rather worry while you puff or just chill while you waze? It's your choice!

By Paola Lee Aragones

Ruscel Tubo
Ruscel Tubo