How To Clean Your Dugout

by Ruscel Tubo February 25, 2018

How To Clean Your Dugout

It is a protocol that if we are consistently using something, it is a must for it to be kept clean at all times. But why is it necessary? It will not be visually distracting or worst, disgusting to use. If you will not clean your wood dugout and one-hitter, it will smell or perhaps taste like crap. The question on how often should you clean it depends on how often are you’re using it. In a month, average users can clean it for 2-3 times and 4-5 for constant users. Take note, not only the 1 hitter pipe needs to be dirt-free but even your compartment chambers. No worries it is a lot easier compared to the one hitter pipe.

Now, all that being said, let us go to how do you keep your Dugout system clean. Most tutorials focus on how to clean your 1 hitter pipes but forget to mention another key factor, your stash chamber. It is possible for the stash compartment to have left-over bits that will be stuck on hard to reach corners inside the herb storage section. Some may just neglect it and will continue on loading it with newly ground herbs. In the long run, this tidbit stuck in the corner will start to degrade and as it gets to be mixed with the new ones, will generate a different taste that greatly affects your smoke’s flavor. It is important to constantly check on this too. You can use a paperclip for those hard to reach corners or a Q-tip.

As we use our dugout system, it is apparent that the most abused component is your 1 hitter pipe. Thus, this needs most of the cleaning. Every time we smoke through it, the herb residue slowly settles around the pipe that later forms a soil-like built-up inside it. All this gunk makes it difficult to even pull air through. But still no worries about that, here we will show you ways on how to clean it. These are not the only way but it is the most effective and widely used method in soiling out your dugout one hitter.

Q-Tip & Isopropl Alcohol

The trick here is to use the body of the q-tip to push out gunk particle inside the pipe. Thus, cut one end of the q-tip and stick it from the end where you place in your mouth. From here, push the residue out towards the bowl tip. Once most of that clogged dirt is removed, get some of the cotton from your Q-tip and insert it in you one hitter pipe. Make sure it is tight enough that when you push it through using the Q-tip stick, all residue around the pipe is also pushed out. It is helpful to moisten the cotton with alcohol first to give it more cleaning power. As an alternative to this, you can use a piece of paper and a paperclip. Use the paper as a cotton, cut it small and fold it until it can fit tight inside the 1 hitter. Use your paperclip just as how the Q-tip stick was used. Repeat step until you’re satisfied.

Salt & Isopropyl Alcohol

Here we need a third of salt and ⅔ of alcohol(or water) in a ziplock. Place your pipe in just shake it vigorously. The salt particles will have a scrubbing effect on the pipe’s surface. While doing so, you will immediately notice the water turning brown. After a few shake leave it for 30-45 minutes or the longer the better for it will make it easier to clean. Just make sure it is enough to cover the entire pipe. Just be careful in using the alcohol on your metal one hitter for it may cause discoloration. You can use water as an alternative to be sure.

After 30 mins take the pipe out and using a Q-tip simply clean the bowl of your one hitter or you can use step number 1. It is easier to remove sediments given that the soaking made them soft. As an alternative, some people use Epson Salt because of it’s cleaning content.

Pipe Cleaners with Hard Bristles

This step of cleaning is similar to that of number one. We just had it here since there will be an entirely different method. This is more convenient because you have here a long thick wire that has bristles on them. All you need to do is to push the pipe on one end pushing the remnants out. You can do this with or without on running water (Alcohol), brushing the dirt out. Repeat step until satisfied.

Pipe Cleaner Liquid/Formula

This is the modern way of cleaning your pipes and they are readily available out in the market. All you need is a container where to pour this Pipe Cleaner Formula, like a ziplock or glass, then put your pipe it. You can option on giving it a shake to push the loose sediments out. Leave it for 15-45 minutes until it dissolves all the residue out leaving your pipe all clean. You can then rinse it off with water or do method number 1 and you're all done.

After doing any chosen method above, you can then leave your pipe on a tissue or on your table than just let it air-dry. With these very effective steps, you will then regain your pipe’s brand new feels. The only thing left to do now is to take out some good stash, load it in, light and smoothly puff-puff that smoke.

If in any way you find these steps hard or you have no time to do them, you can always opt in getting an extra 1 hitter pipe. To this, allow us to spoil you. We don’t only offer the best Dugout pipes in the market, we also have quality 1 hitter pipes made of different materials that come with a very very reasonable price. So what are you waiting for? Clean it or replace it, we got it all for you with just a click away.

Ruscel Tubo
Ruscel Tubo