How to Clean Your Bong?

by Bren Gareffa September 05, 2017

How to Clean Your Bong?

Wondering how to clean your Water Pipe or Bong? You are only a few steps away with this easy to follow guide. We have tips to help you out to keep your Glass Water Pipe or glass bong clean.

  1. The first step for cleaning your Water Pipe is a basic rinsing step. Simply dump out the old dirty water and start rinsing the Glass Water Pipe in warm water. Try and get as much resin as you can off because this will make everything else work more smoothly. Also don't want to use all your cleaning products.
  2. Pour a medium amount of your alcohol solution into the Glass Water Pipe followed by a handful of salt. The second step to clean your Glass Water Pipe is to pour some 91%+ Isopropyl alcohol into the Water Pipe or bong and add a handful of salt. If you plan on mostly “soaking” it; add some more alcohol (more time, less work)If you plan on mostly “shaking” it; add some more salt (less time, more work)
  3. Cover any openings the best you can of the  Glass Water Pipe, a thick rag will work but make sure to cover the smaller openings with some cotton or another rag. If you are looking for something better, there are products out there on the market made of silicon that cover the openings.
  4. This is where things get serious! Grab the top of the opening where your rag or seal should be, take the other hand and firmly grip it and start shaking. The salt will act as a light abrasive to clean through the tough spots along the inside of the glass.
  5. When you think you did the job of cleaning your Glass Water Pipe or bong right and if you are breating heavy, it is now time to rinse that baby. Simply run in through water multiple times so you can get all the salt and alcohol out of the Water Pipe. When it smells safe, add some crisp water into it and enjoy!

Above are some steps you should follow to clean your bong in an appropriate manner.

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Bren Gareffa
Bren Gareffa