What Is A Dab Nail And How To Choose The Best One?

by Ruscel Tubo February 08, 2018

What Is A Dab Nail And How To Choose The Best One?

Aside from ground buds, sticky oils or concentrated wax is just another popular way of orbiting through the celestial cosmo- if you know what I mean. Here, herbs are secreted and those rich extracts are combined with other solutions that later yield a sticky oil or goo-like wax. A very small amount of this is so concentrated and flavorful, that will surely give forth a clear high to anyone. Certainly one of the reasons why Dab Rigs are widely used and is embraced by herb lovers.

If you are new to dabbing and are interested in setting up your first piece, it is very necessary to start in picking the right nail. Your hash oil is heated here. And as it vaporizes, it will run through your rig to be inhaled. These nails come in different shapes and forms, all aiming to satisfy your preferred experience.  

There are two things that you should consider in choosing the best dab rig nail for you: The size of your joint and the type of nail that you will be using.

The Joint Size and Type

The very first thing to consider in picking your dab rig nail is its joint size. So, for a rig that has a 10mm stem, you may want to buy a nail that is of the same size for it to easily slide in and fit properly. And secondly, the gender of your rig is as important. Just like bongs, if you are having a male stem you are to get the opposite gender for its joint. Which means that you should get a female nail for your male rig. This is the simple and very basic rule not only in choosing your nails but in any smoking paraphernalia for that matter.

There are nails that do not have genders and are made to slide into the downstem. These are old-fashioned nails that still used nowadays for dab rigs that have smaller joints and domes. Yes, a Dome, it is made to complement dab rigs and is an alternate piece to channel vapor from your nail into the rig. This traditional set-up is the very first available option for dabbers and some remained using it as they are accustomed to it. The other option out there is by using Domeless Nails. They have more surface area to dab your concentrates which is perfect for dabbers who likes using larger quantities. It also makes use of a “Carb Cap” to direct the vapor into your rig. If what you are having is a Dab rig with no matchy domes, then this here is the best option for you.

Dab Nail Material

There is no such thing as the perfect Dab Rig Nail, again, it all boils down to preference. Aside from their shapes, they come in different materials: Titanium Nails, Quartz Nails, and Ceramic Nails. Some have more heat retention while others focus more on taste. Below is a clear explanation of each nail material, that will surely give you a clear view of what you want and what you need.

Titanium Dab Nails

Titanium Nails have been known for being consistent and durable compared to other materials. It heats fast at around 550-650F and can retain this heat from 25-40 seconds before it drops down. Keeping a temperature this high is very important for the sublimation process, where solid instantly turns to vapor skipping the liquid stage. The downside with this type of nail is the danger brought by lower-grade titanium. With its constant exposure to high heat, it can develop titanium oxide that releases byproducts that may cause cancer. So it is very important to make sure you get Grade-A Titanium Nails. Also, concentrates flavor degrades when exposed to this material. So if you are seeking for optimal flavor, this may not be the nail for you.

Ceramic Dab Nails

Compared to Titanium, Ceramic Nails have a little advantage but still has its setbacks. Good news is, it is safe on all manufacturing level but is very fragile. It can crack for a few reasons, like sudden exposure to heat from cold, or if dropped. It also takes a longer time to reach a viable temperature that is perfect for dabbing. Though despite that fact, its heat retention is way better, that can last up to a minute. Quite ideal if you are in a very cold place or if you are in a session with friends. The flavor of your concentrates is somewhat richer with the use of this type of nail.

Quartz Dab Nails

Among the three, Quartz Nails heats faster. It can reach its desired temperature in about 10 seconds. And just as fast as it heats, that’s also how fast it cools. The heat retention of this material is not that long. Though it's a little more long-lasting than ceramic nails, it is almost as fragile. The best thing about this type of nail is the flavor retention it offers. It is considered to rank top when it comes to quality taste. So if you are more concerned about your concentrates flavor, this nail will deliver optimal palate experience at a very low cost.

There are also other types currently rising in the market, just like the E-Nails (Electronic Nails). Its powered self-heating technology aims to dab away from blue flames and butane. The dabbing community is rapidly growing and so more innovative nails are coming out. They are aiming to meet issues of fast heat and retention, durability and with a promise of the first-rate flavor. Chill Waze continues on expanding its collection to only provide you the best smoking accessories in the market. Check our Dab Rig Nail collection and surely we got what you need.

Ruscel Tubo
Ruscel Tubo